Continuous Integration

Cosmic Ray has a continuous integration system based on Travis. Whenever we push new changes to our github repository, travis runs a set of tests. These tests include low-level unit tests, end-to-end integration tests, static analysis (e.g. linting), and testing documentation builds. Generally speaking, these tests are run on all versions of Python which we support.

Automated release deployment

Cosmic Ray also has an automated release deployment scheme. Whenever you push changes to the release branch, travis attempts to make a new release. This process involves determining the release version by reading cosmic_ray/, creating and uploading PyPI distributions, and creating new release tags in git.

Releasing a new version

As described above, the release process for Cosmic Ray is largely automatic. In order to do a new release, you simply need to:

  1. Bump the version with bumpversion.
  2. Push it to master on github.
  3. Push the changes to the release branch on github.

Once the push is made to release, the automated release system will take over.

Note that only the Python 3.6 travis build will attempt to make a release deployment. So to see the progress of your release, check the output for that build.